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Get help for your SecurVoice enabled Smartphone applications and accessories. Find manuals and guides to view or print.


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Most Popular Documents

  • BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Smartphone - User Guide
  • BlackBerry Curve 83xx Smartphone - User Guide
  • BlackBerry Device Software - Update Guide

Admimistrators Documentation

Find planning, installation, upgrade, and administration guides and interactive tutorials to help you manage the SecurVoice Enterprise Solutions.

  • SecurVoice Technical Specification
  • SecurVoice Enterprise Server for Unix
  • SecurVoice Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange
  • SecurVoice Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino
  • SecurVoice Server for Novell GroupWise


Most Popular Documents

  • SecurVoice Enterprise Server for Unix - Installation Guide
  • SecurVoice Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange - Installation Guide
  • SecurVoice Professional Software for Microsoft Exchange - Getting Started Guide

Developers Documentation

Find sample applications and code, API documentation, guides, and development guides and guidelines to help you create apps for SecurVoice enabled smartphones. Learn how to add your applications to SecurDigital App World.

  • SecurVoice Java Application Development
  • SecurVoice MDS R


Most Popular Documents

  • SecurVoice Java Development Environment - Fundamentals Guide
  • SecurVoice Java Development Environment - Developers Guide

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