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SecurVoice Privacy Edition is a completely new wireless communication solution and architecture which provides secure communications interoperability with any cell, satellite, walkie-talkie or VoIP phone system. You can download the 38k Java app from our secure locations world-wide and follow the simple instructions to install. The Java app communicates directly with our SecurVoice Enterprise Server application as a hosted option or may be resident on your servers.

Additionally, we provide options in virus protection, firewall and authentication. The solution is operating system, application platform, device and carrier independent — which means we can run and communicate with just about anything.

SecurVoice Cell Key Features

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SecurVoice Solution Services help customers understand the true capabilities of their SecurVoice solution.

  • HIPPA compliant privacy-grade strong encryption key (AES (128) asymmetric encryption) plus additional encryption combinations to provide a very unique Solution
  • Data is encrypted when it leaves the sending device and is de-encrypted by the server. It is then re-encrypted (with possible other encryption selection) and sent to the receiving device and decrypted
  • Software only Solution. No additional hardware required
  • Implemented on regular smart phones and GSM cellular networks with circuit-switched data service
  • Full duplex communications
  • Superior audio quality and ultra low latency
  • Resides on regular cell phones. Neither the encryption process nor the device is perceived by third parties
The user may update the cell phone firmware or operating system. The cell phone keeps all its original features.

SecurVoice Product Overview

Mobilize your workforce

SecurVoice Enterprise Server Solution Services help customers understand the true capabilities of their SecurVoice Enterprise solutions.

  • One-touch switching between privacy and standard communications
  • WMS and VoIP secure communication option
  • Intutive, user-friendly interface
  • Avalable to purchase and download online












SecurVoice Technical Specifications

Mobilize your workforce

SecurVoice Hosted Enterprise Sever solution Services help customers understand the true capabilities of their SecurVoice Enterprise solutions.

  • Encryption AES 128 bit++
  • Private Key generation 128/128+ bit key
  • Voice Compression G723.1
  • Modems V.32, V.110
  • Compatible Networks GSM 850,900,1800 and 1900
  • Network Data Rate 9600 BPS, Asynchronous -Circuit Switched Data
  • Mobile Phones Supported Blackberry 8830, 96xx, Tour running OS version 4.5 and up
  • Mobile Phone Platforms in development Symbian, Brew, Window Mobile 6.5, iPhone, Google






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